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Bianka Ross 

Head Coach


Hello There ! 

I remember when I was in my teens and I saw a Bikini Competitor, that was that moment when I realized that I will do anything it takes to be one of them some day. 

I have competed at my first bikini competition in May 2016 and that was the moment which showed me the way !

I am an active bikini competitor and I have competed in over 12 Bikini Competitions (Regional, National and International)

Competing in Bikini has changed my life and my passion is to show athletes the path and help them along the way to become the best version of themselves in every aspect!

My Coaching always focuses on finding the balance with proper nourishment and training regiment. My focus is to compete the healthiest way possible where we get to enjoy the entire process and come in our absolute best shape possible. I Love seeing my athletes achieving their dreams and helping them along the way ! 


  • N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer

  • N.A.S.M. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist 

  • Sponsored Athlete : Angel Competition Bikinis

  • Athlete for : Cutler Nutrition      

       Discount Codes: BIBINKY

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  • Instagram
Bikini Coaching 
Improvement Season and Post Show Reverse 

Bikini Body is build in improvement/ off season.

There is a need for the body symmetry In Bikini Division.

Judges are looking for the body proportion along with muscular development and conditioning.

Getting ready to compete in bikini, or have the bikini build takes more than just the lean out process.

I work closely with my athletes and design personalized training and nutrition programming according to their own daily schedules to ensure the best results possible.

Building your Bikini frame and shape is mainly done in improvement/off season, which maximizes your competing potential, helps your body finding balance and allows you to compete the healthy way without drastic measures.

Whether you are reversing your diet after your show or planning on competing in the future, the correct approach is necessary in order to maintain or build the Bikini shape.

Along with Coaching you will receive team support and Instagram exposure. BodyByBibi team is very welcoming and all the athletes are in touch with each other, creating a strong support and community .


Bikini Competition Preparation
Final 20- 12 Weeks Before Bikini Competition

Let's get ready for your Bikini competition! 

The Bikini Competition Preparation usually starts 12,14 or 16 weeks before your competition.

Your program will be created and timed for your competition day to ensure bringing your best shape and conditioning .

During your entire Competition prep we will work closely with your nutrition, training and cardio regiment . We will check in every week via email. If it's needed the phone or face time communication is also available during your competition prep. You will recieve Free Posing session and consultation (value $50) with your Bikini Competition Prep Program. 

For the final 4 weeks before your competition the check ins with will be twice a week to make sure we are staying on track and your body is reacting as planned.

You will receive your Peak Weak protocol 10 days prior to your competition day. 

You will receive Discounts and Help with picking your Angel Competition  suit and show essentials.

There are also discounts Cutler Nutrition supplements and exposure on BodyByBibi Instagram page Bianka's Personal  Instagram Page .

Peak Week and Your Show Day !

You will receive your Peak week protocol no later than 10 days prior to your competition day. During your Peak week we will be checking in daily, sometimes twice a day if needed.

 You can reach Coach Bianka via text, call or email any time if you need any help .

SHOW DAY - You will call and check ins with your Coach the night and the morning of your competition. You will communicate via text during that time to ensure the best experience possible ! 

TRAVELING - Have Your Coach with You ! 

Coach Bianka is very happy to travel, support and help with your whole competition day running smoothly!

Show Attendance :

Travel within 2 hour Drive : Show Attendance fee $150 + Show Tickets and  Coaches Pass

Longer Distance : Show attendance fee is $150 + Tickets,Travel Costs, Hotel (Own Hotel Room)  + Show Tickets and Coaches Pass

*if there are multiple athletes competing at the same show the costs will be split evenly.  

Bikini Posing Coaching

Bikini Competition Posing is a very important part of competing. Knowing how to pose right and finding the best angles on your body is needed for your good placing .

You are scored on your stage presentation, that's why it needs to be practiced daily . Your stage presentation includes: Stage walk, Mandatory poses (front, side and back) and your whole posing routine.

Coach Bianka offers posing sessions via Video call or in person.

If you have purchased Bikini Competition Prep with Body.By.Bibi you will receive your first posing session 

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