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Privacy Policy 

1. Agreement :

  •  By browsing the Website, or placing an Order, you unconditionally agree to these Terms and Conditions as set out below

2.Pricing :

  • All prices quoted on the Website are in United States dollars unless otherwise specified.

  • All prices displayed on the Website are subject to change without notice. Prices for items in an Order are fixed once your Order has been confirmed. Subsequent price changes either up or down will not be retroactively applied to confirmed Orders.

  • You agree to pay any additional duties and taxes that your country or state may impose on your order based on the imputed or actual value of the Services.

3.Orders :

  • You may place an Order by following the instructions on the Website. Your Order will be submitted by completing payment details and clicking the ‘confirm’ button.

  • Body By Bibi.com will primarily communicate with customers via e-mail. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct contact details are entered  for correspondence.

  • Body.By.Bibi.com reserves the right to not accept or to cancel Your Order.

  • In the event of a cancelled Order, funds paid in relation to that Order will be refunded in full as soon as is reasonably practicable. You will be provided with e-mail acknowledgement of the cancellation and refund.

4. Payment :

  • You may provide your  PayPal account or credit card during the purchase process described on the Website.

  • Payment on the Website may be made via a valid  PayPal Account or Credit Card .

  • Payment for Orders will be processed immediately upon confirmation of your Order.​

  • You agree to pay any additional duties and taxes that your country or state may wish to impose on your order based on the imputed or actual value of the Service. You understand and acknowledge that these relevant duties and taxes may not be disclosed on the Order confirmation and are charges imposed by the relevant customs or quarantine government department of your country and not Body.By.Bibi.com.

5.Shipping Policy/ Service Delivery :

  • All products on this Website are the services which will be received via email attachments .

  • You will receive 8 Week Programs within 2-3 business days via email , after Body.By.Bibi confirmation

  • All Purchased 1ON1 Online Coaching Services and Bikini Competition Preparation Services will be received via Email attachments within 3-5 business days , after your submission of all the additional documentation which Body.By.Bibi will request for your program creation .

  • Bikini Posing Services are provided via Video Call through Skype, FaceTime or Instagram Video Chat . This subject is upon customer's and Body.By.Bibi preference and agreement . 

6.Service Duration/ Termination :

  • 1ON1 Online Coaching Services and Bikini Competition Preparation Services duration is 30 Days upon the payment date.

  • You have 3 business days after your purchase to submit all the additional documentation requested by Body.By.Bibi for your Program creation.

  • The Monthly Coaching program can be terminated by any time and any reasons of either party (client or coach), this termination is not subject to refund.

  • Bikini Posing is 30 minute one time Video Call . 

7.Return,Refund, Delayed Start and Cancelation :

  • You acknowledge and agree that Body.By.Bibi.com will not accept nor  refund your Order based on a change of mind.

  • There is no refund options after you place an order .

  • There is no refund for paid in full programs once the order has been placed.

  • There is no return policy for shipped goods.

  • Cancelation or Rescheduling of a scheduled Posing Session or Personal Training session without 24 hour cancelation or rescheduling  notice is counted and considered as completed.

  • All programs  start upon the date of program purchase and expires once the duration of the program over. If you miss your program start, there will be a delayed start date fee worth 1 month charge of the selected program. 

8.Body.By.Bibi Property:

  • This Website including all the Store Products and Materials is property of Body.By.Bibi.com 

  • Unless expressly authorized under these Terms and Conditions or otherwise, you may not reproduce adapt, modify, display, perform or distribute any Material or any part of any Material.

  • All your submitted documents, measurements and pictures  are the property of Body.By.Bibi. These materials 

9. Online Coaching Terms and Regulations:

  • You have 3 Business Days (Monday-Saturday) after your purchase to submit all the additional documentation requested by Body.By.Bibi for your Program creation.

  • WORK : You got to put in the work. This is the teamwork between you and Body.ByBibi . Your success depends 50% on You and 50% on Body.By.Bibi - We do our absolute best to create a program which will bring you your goals , but the rest is upon YOU. 

  • Check Ins : This is one of the most important Program principles to follow . Body.By.Bibi will provide you the dates of your Check Ins and it is YOUR responsibility to Check In on weekly or biweekly basis according to the Check In Instructions you will receive . Missed Check Ins may results in less Coaching opportunities due to lack of information.

  • Communication : The communication is Via Email only. 

10. Days and Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Thursday : 9:00 am- 4:00pm

  • Friday : 9:00 am-2:00 pm

  • Saturday, Sunday - OFF

  • Holidays and Personal Reasons may affect these hours