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Our Athletes and Clients​
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Bikini Athlete

Xuan Li 

NPC KLASH Championship 2021

Orlando FL 

2nc  Place Bikini Open G

Bikini Athlete

Celine Dorsay

CPA Naturals 2021, Vancouver CA

(Canadian Physique Alliance) 

1St  Place Bikini Open C

Celine's Feedback : 

I’ve been with Bianka for almost two years now and I honestly couldn’t imagine being with any other coach. Bianka has not only been an amazing coach to me but she has also been there for me as a friend, always encouraging me and believing in me. She truly cares about the health and well-being of her athletes and wants the best for us all. I look up to Bianka as an athlete and as a human being. She is hard working, caring and just radiates the best energy. Love working with her and I am so thankful for all that she has done for me, because of her I feel like I've become a better athlete and a better version of myself

Bikini Athlete

Amber Meinhersagen

NPC Midwest Naturals 2021

St. Louis, Missouri

4th Place Bikini Novice

5th Place Bikini Open G

Amber's Feedback : 

Bianka is an amazingly professional and knowledgeable bikini coach! She guided me with ease through every process of my 20 plus week prep and was right beside me through the whole show weekend! Every question I had she immediately had an answer to. She encouraged my questions and never made me feel as if I was bothering her or asking simple questions. Bianka is extremely friendly and easy to work with, but maintains her coaching position at the same time, which is a very hard place to be in but she does it so well. Bianka really made my show weekend amazing and we had a blast together as she helped me with every process of the competition. I highly recommend working with Bianka as her personality is so bubbly and fun and she produces very desirable results for both Bikini and Lifestyle clients. We are currently working through my improvement season and it has been a very enjoyable experience!

Macey Show_edited.jpg
Bikini Athlete

Macey Bagget 

NPC Branch Warren Classic 2021 TX

1St  Place Bikini Novice

2nd Place Bikini Open C

Macey's Feedback : 

I am grateful that I had the experience of working with Bianka. She was very involved in my entire prepping process, not just the data aspect. She knows her stuff, and wants the best for her athletes. I highly recommend choosing her to be your coach! 

Susan SHOW _edited.jpg
Bikini Athlete

Susan McIntosh 

NPC Battle at the River,2021 TN 

1st Place Bikini Open A

4th Place Bikini Novice 

NPC SE 2021, Orlando FL 

2nd Place Bikini Open A

3rd Place Bikini Novice 

Susan's Feedback :

Bianka is one of the most encouraging, supportive, and friendliest coach you will ever meet/work with. She is always willing to answer any questions you may have, and truly cares about her clients growth. Not just growth physically, but mentally too. Her strategy with prep is very smooth and I never felt super hungry. I definitely would recommend having  Bianka attend your show if she can. As it’s super nice to have her there for support and get you hyped up before stepping on stage!

Bikini Athlete

Claudia Mayes

NPC Europa,  Orlando, FL

NPC Battle at the River,2021 TN 

1st Place Bikini Heroes

4th Place Bikini Open 

5th Place Bikini Novice 

Claudia's Feedback :

Bianka goes above and beyond for her athletes and truly cares about bringing out your best shape physically and mentally. She’s very responsive and flexible when it comes to making the entire regimen work for your particular lifestyle. Forever grateful to have met her!

Tabitha Show_edited.jpg
Bikini Athlete

Tabitha Cruse

Tabitha's Feedback : 

NPC Battle at the River 2021, TN 

1st Place Bikini Open A

4th Place Bikini Novice 

Bianka made my first prep so effortless! She not only guided me through meal plans, training splits, and overall information on what to expect but she taught me the foundation on how to make this a lifestyle and not just a short term goal. Bianka was responsive and I always felt comfortable with her and valued her honest feedback and direction. I loved being a part of team #bodybybibi!

Bikini Athlete

Jazmin Serrano

NPC Denver Open 2021, CO

3rd Place Bikini Novice 

4th Place Bikini Open C

Jazmin's  Feedback :

Working with Bibi has been better than I ever imagined. Her workouts/meal plans are fun and creative, she is always incredibly supportive and responsive, and the team is beyond motivating! Bibi also helped with posing and made sure everything was prepared and went smoothly for show day. I placed 3rd in Novice and 4th in Open, qualifying me for National’s! I can’t wait to see where we go from here. I absolutely recommend her as a coach (:

Bikini Athlete

Tiana Brown 

NPC SE 2021 Orlando, FL

5th Place Bikini Novice

4th Place Bikini Open C

Tiana's Feedback :

 Bianka helped me out so much, she critiqued my posing, she got me in such great shape!  She was able to make it to my show and help me my entire show day, she even helped me with my makeup and hair ! I got to spend time with her and meet Tren (her and Patrick’s rabbit) we spent the day after show going over judges feedback and just enjoying the day. What other coaches spend time with their clients outside of prep and competition day? Not many that I’ve ever heard of!

Bianka is so fun and motivating to work with and she will push you and help you hold yourself accountable to everything in and out of prep! I love her and the team support that comes along! #teambpdybybibi!!

Bikini Athlete

Holly Doss

NPC Charlotte Cup 2021, NC

4th Place Bikini Novice

5th Place Bikini Open C

Holly's Feedback : 

Bianka is an incredible coach! Correspondence, answering questions, preparation- everything is amazing. This was my first ever coaching experience and show. I had an amazing prep thanks to her guidance! The way she can work your meal plans to things you enjoy or would prefer is awesome!  I won 4th place in my class and 5th in open qualifying me for Nationals. I am so excited for what's to come.  I highly recommend her, especially if it is your first competition or even just for lifestyle.  She will make you feel very comfortable and set you up for success! Team Body By Bibi is amazing! I have recommended her to quite a few friends and am so grateful I found her! 10 out of 10! <3

Bikini Athlete

Celine Dorsay


1st Place Bikini Open B

1st Place True Novice

Celine's Feedback :

Working with Bianka has been life changing and she went above and beyond to make me feel prepared and comfortable going into my 1st show. 

She made my show run so smoothly and it honestly couldn’t have been more perfect.

I am so thankful to have not only a coach like Bianka but also a friend and I am so excited for my future as a competitor with her by my side!

Bikini Athlete

Jamee Widon


1st Place Bikini Open C

1st Place Ture Novice

1st Place Novice

Jamee Feedback :

Bianka made competing a fun experience I cannot wait to do again.  She was there every step of the way to explain the process, calm my nerves, and enjoy the moment we had worked for for weeks.  I could not have asked for a better coach!  Her knowledge was spot on with how everything developed over the show weekend and I could not have been happier with the package we brought for my FIRST SHOW!  I cannot wait to see what we bring next.

Bikini Athlete

Paige Nye


3rd Place Bikini Open C

2nd Place Bikini True Novice

2nd Place Bikini Novice

Paige's Feedback : 

As a first time bikini competitor, Bianka made me feel like a pro. Her constant support, knowledge and experience made my prep and show day nothing short of perfect. I have never felt so equipped and confident like I did throughout this entire journey and I give all the credit to Bianka. She changed my body, my mindset, and my life and I couldn’t be grateful.

Bikini Athlete

Xuan Li 


1st Place True Novice

1st Place BIikini Novice

Novice Overall Win

1st Place Bikini Open Class D

Xuan's Feedback :

Bianka has helped me set up goals and worked step by step towards that goal for my competition. She monitored my body closely during my peak week and gave me right on point instructions about both my physique and mind. On my show day, she was the most responsible coach in the backstage and showed me EVERYTHING that I needed to do on a show day. Overall, as a coach, she would  rather teach me how to fish that give me a fish. 

Bikini Athlete

Natalia Osorio

NPC Diamond Classic, FL 2020

4th Place Bikini Open

4th Place Bikini True Novice

5h Place Open Bikini

Natalia's Feedback :

I found Bianka while I was doing some research on bikini competitions. She is very passionate and dedicated. A very knowledgeable coach, who is ready to push you and makes sure you are ready for your competition.  She takes the time to explain step by step the process of a bikini competition and monitors closely your progress . Will recommend her to anyone who is thinking about competing.

Bikini Athlete

Christine Kuzminsky

NPC Muscle Vodka, Natural Championship 2020,

1st Place Bikini Open 

1st Place True Novice

1st Place Novice Bikini Collegiate

Christine's  Feedback : 

After my first competition, I was sure of my passion for bodybuilding and desire to chase after my pro card. I knew I couldn’t do it without switching coaches and that’s when I found Bianka! I  knew she was the right coach for me. Bianka is knowledgeable, communicative, and lives her own life every day as a dedicated and passionate bikini competitor. She has coached me to a physique I never dreamed I could obtain. She taught me that prep doesn’t have to be unhealthy and helped heal my relationship with carbs. It is amazing to have a coach as detail-oriented and as much of a perfectionist as I am.

Bikini Athlete

Melanie Holmes

NPC Elite Muscle Contest 2020, NC

1st Place True Novice

2nd Place Bikini Open

3rd Place Bikini Novice

Melanie's Feedback :

I was worried about competing in a competition because I literally knew nothing about the sport but Bianka quickly took away those fears. She explained everything clearly and helped me feel empowered and ready to win. She really encouraged me and pushed me to be the best athlete I can be. She guided me to see fast results that lasted my full prep and kept me confident throughout! Very thankful to have worked with Bianka! Highly recommend her!

Post Partum Transformation

Lucia Baranyova 

FeedBack :

I have tried loosing weight on my own, but it has never worked out .

I have achieved my Goal weight in just 3 months working with you ! 

The transformation was easy , I've always had enough variations of foods to choose from, I have always fell full and satisfied . 

I have learned how to workout and balancing my diet . 

Your Personalized Meals , Workouts and outstanding communication  helped me to achieve my Goal Weight .

Weight Loss

Lea Segecova

It is a real pleasure to work with Bianka. She is the best coach I could opt for, always kind, willing to help, positive. She never lets me give up and I hardly know any such a great motivator as she is. I feel great, starting to like my body and working out in a gym has become my passion.❤️

Vegan Diet , Muscle Gain

Celine Dorsay

FeedBack : 

Before working with Body.By.Bibi I was already somewhat fit but after trying out her workouts I realize now that I was not pushing myself anywhere near as hard as I could have. Bianka has pushed me and encouraged my and I am so happy to have her as my coach for my first bikini contest. She also has created a meal plan specifically for me and my vegan diet with foods that I enjoy. Plus she is the sweetest coach and always answers my messages back quickly                              and is so helpful.

Bikini Competition Prep

Madina Alam 

FeedBack :

I found Body.By.Bibi on Instagram.
I chose to work with you because of your experience.
I loved my competition prep with you , because you made it simple and easy and by far my favorite part was your willingness to answer any and all of my questions .

Because of your responsiveness and knowledge I have chosen to reverse my post show diet  with you and I am still having a great experience . You have listen to my needs and wants !

Lifestyle / Weight Loss

Ivka Macekova 

FeedBack :

Our transformation took 6 months and I was able to loose 40 lb. 

The Program which was created  for me fit me very well . 

The Diet had a large variety and combinations in many ways.

I had noticed my energy levels increased right away. You don’t need any fancy gym for the workouts . 

I am very proud of myself and Bianka (Coach) For the results we have achieved and we are not done yet ! 

I want to say a Huge Thank You ! 

Bikini Prep OffseasonMuscle Gain

Xuan Li 

FeedBack :

I saw Bianka's pictures on one of my friends' page and I asked for her contact info. I am a CPA.Bianka seemed very friendly and responsive. Also she looked great when I first met her in person. I thought if she could make her own body look a certain way, she could for sure help me! . Bianka sets up my MACRO and also timing of my each meal. It's very easy to follow and tailored exactly according to my schedule. Bianka has a very very detailed workout schedule for me for each day of the week with sets, reps and her tips. She has taught me more than just how to do the exercises,  when I work with her, she is reachable almost all the time to answer my questions. . I am more confident with how I look and how I live. My view of beauty has changed. 

LifeStyle/ Bikini Transfromation

Bianka Ross

This Is My Own 4 years of transformation . 

I went from 160 lb to 120lb . 

I changed my habits , and studied the body which help me to understand how body works and help others to achieve their dreams. 

Weight Loss

Jessie M.

Another Amazing transformation of Client Jessie!
Anything is possible, all you need to do is keep your eyes on your goal and put in work 💪🏼

Toning/ Muscle Gain

Juliana T.

Congratulations to my amazing client Jullyankaa on her transformation! 

She did so amazing in such a short                            amount of time!

Our main focus was on tightening up the physique while still keeping her curves            and adding muscle mass 😍

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