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Lifestyle Fitness Coaching 

Bianka Ross

Head Coach

Hello There ! 


As a professional Fitness Coach, my passion is to Help people achieve their Goals and Balanced Lifestyle . 

Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations.

My method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule and more importantly, fitness goals. 
I have been Certified Personal trainer for five years.

I understand the importance of good and experienced Coach , who can encourage and changes lives for better. 

I am very passionate about Coaching and Helping Everyone achieve their dream body . 


Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health are important for your self-esteem and self-image.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing what is right for your body.

Let me help you find the balance between your dream looks and everyday life. 

Everybody has a unique body with different needs, that is why I offer fully customized 1 On 1 Coaching.

We will work together to meet your body requirements and balanced lifestyle.

Your Nutrition Program is based on your dietary preferences, restrictions and requirements.

We will work on your physical fitness around your schedule. You will receive personalized exercises and training regiment.

Weekly Check Ins and your own Progress tracking with Coach Bianka  will help you stay on track and motivate you when you need it the most. 

You have full access to Coach Bianka's email through the week if you need any additional guidance or have any questions. 

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