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How Does My Online Coaching  Work?

Body.By.Bibi  Online Coaching works with detailed  and fully personalized programming of your nutrition and training 

Weekly Check Ins with Coach Bianka and Progress tracking will help you stay motivated and on track to achieve your dream body .  

How Do We Start ?

Step 1


Or Ask a Question 

This is the very first step to our Online Coaching .


Step 2


You will receive 2 forms to fill out 

These 2 Forms include :

 Whole Day of eating : Dietary preferences , Food Choices and more 

Physical Activity : Daily Schedule , Medical History , Workout preferences and more 


Step 3

Check In

Send us Your Pictures 

and Measurements 

We will provide you the exact Instructions on how to do your  Check  Ins .

You will have your own Progress Tracker where you will log all your information .


Step 4

Program Creation 

Your Personalized Program is being Created 

Please allow us 2-3 business days to create Your personalized program and 

You are ready to start ! 


Step 5

The Coaching

You will Check In with us  every week.

Checking In will include your pictures and measurements .

We make changes to your program . if there is anything you would like to change or anything what needs to be changes in order for you  to progress the desired way .


Step 6


Ask Anything Anytime ! 

With 1 On 1 Online Coaching you have 24/7 Email support! 

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