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Bikini Competition - Everything you need to know!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Bikini competition can be the experience of a life time . My life has definitely changed for better from the moment I started competing. If you are already thinking about competing or not there is few main components of a successful competition and unforgettable experience.


Getting ready for Bikini competition can be challenging , but it let’s you test your limits in multiple ways :)

DEDICATION: You need to follow your program 100%!

TIME: The amount of time you spend with your workouts and meal prepping might increase

FOCUS: You need to focus your mind on your competition prep

PRACTICE: You need to be practicing your stage posing daily.


1. Find your Coach , This is very important part of competing! Having an experienced Coach who understand individual athletes needs will make your prep a great experience.

2. Pick Your Show Date , the most common time for competition preparation is 12-16 weeks prior to your competition , however this depends on your current shape and conditioning.

3.Pick your Competition Bikinis , Make sure to choose a good quality suit from trusted company . You are also being judged on your suit and you do not want to loose points , because of your suit. I order my suits from for all my competitions and I am in love with them . You can use my discount code BIBINKY to save $ on your AngelCompetitionBikinis Suit

4.Find your Posing Coach,Stage posing can make or break your Bikini Competition. Knowing how to confidently walk , pose and present your body is very important . You need to present your body in poses which suits your body type and hide your flaws.

5. Keep working Hard ! Stay dedicated to your program , it’s only 12-16 weeks out of the year , those results will worth it I promise :)

"PEAK WEAK" One Week Before Competition

1 Week before your competition or Peak Weak how competitors call it is the final weak to make all the adjustments to your physique needed . Most of the Athletes and their Coaches work on manipulating body fluids and tightening up the look. This is usually done by lower Carbohydrate Intake and Water Protocol.


How does the regular Show Day looks like ?

The typical show day starts early in the morning . You will wake up , Check ins with your Coach , most likely eat some good amount of carbs to fill up your muscles and start getting ready :)

1. COMPETITION TAN : It is usually done by applying the first coat one night prior and second coat night before. You get points on your tan as well , that is why the perfect tan is important . You can schedule the tanning at your show or you can do it yourself, I personally do my own competition tan with ProTan I use overnight coat night before and Top Coat morning of the competition.

2. HAIR & MAKEUP : You are judged on your Hair and Makeup as well . Your MakeUp Needs to stand out along with your face contouring . Hair should stay down . Straight hair or Light Curls are preferred.

3. PREJUDGING : You will start your competition with prejudging. At this time you will be compared to the other competitors, most of the times your judges will decide on your placing at this time.

4. NIGHT SHOW/Finals : You will be stepping on stage again that day for the finals where the awards will be presented.


Your body goes through a lot of stress and usually some water depletion , that is why Hydrating your body after competition should be your first priority !

This is that time you have been waiting for , time to enjoy some treats and well deserved meal. Please stay mindful and listen to your body because , after dieting it might be a big shock to overload your body with too much food or alcohol .

I always enjoy few bites of my favorite food (mac and cheese ) and some light drink.


To transition your body into "regular state" I highly recommend Reverse Dieting .

Reverse Dieting is slowly adjusting your macro nutrients and energy output . Usually increasing your macronutrients intake with clean whole foods and slowing down on your cardio . It is very important for your physical and mental health to wisely reverse instead of just going all in !

I hope you liked my Article and found it helpful ! If you have any more questions about Competing in Bikini feel free to email me at :

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Bianka M Ross
Bianka M Ross
Apr 30, 2020

I am so happy you found it helpful ! :)


Xuan LI
Xuan LI
Apr 29, 2020

Thank you for sharing. Very helpful!

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