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Bikini Peak Week - What to expect and pack.

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Peak Week is the final week before your Bikini Competition.

This final week might sounds scary , however it only depends on your planning. Be prepared , have everything necessary ready in advance so you can enjoy your Peak week ! Most of the athletes reach their peak physiques at this time due to multiple steps such as: lowered Carbohydrate, sodium intake, water load/depletion and Final Carbohydrate load .

Always follow your coaches Peak Week Protocol - everything matters at this time of prep.

1 Week Before Competition
1 Week Before Competition
Day of the Competition
Day of the Competition


Proper planning will make your week easier and less stressful!

To help mitigate stress I am going to list few Peak Week Essentials you should have ready .

  • BIKINIS - Ideally you should have your suit ready at least 6 weeks in advance but make sure your suits fits you right and make alternations if needed. If you own more than one Bikini suit, you should bring the other one just in case. If you own a Posing Practice suit , pack it with you so you can check in with your coach . Another important thing to have ready and packed is you Show Robe or Loose Outfit . You should always cover your physique to protect your tan when you are walking outside of the backstage , you also don't want the audience seeing your physique before they see you on stage . My Go to Company is Angel Competition Bikinis. They always provide me the highest quality suits. You can use my Code: BIBINKY to save on your whole purchase through them.

Bikini Competition Suit
Posing Practice Suit
Competition Satin Robe

  • POSING HEELS - You should have your posing heels ready in advance for your posing practices . Make sure they fit you well and feel comfortable walking in them . If you have another pair of posing heels bring them with ! Remember to pack comfortable shoes for backstage i.e Flip Flops and Slippers . You will be walking quite a bit and you do not want to get tired by walking in your stage heels all day .

  • COMPETITION JEWELRY - Your competition jewelry should consist of : large chandelier style earrings , rhinestone or earring-matching bracelet (you can wear one on each hand) and large crystal ring . Make sure your jewelry is in the good condition and matching .

  • TAN To get ready for your competition tan you should start exfoliating your skin 1-2 weeks prior . You should book your competition tan in advance. Usually you will need 1 coat the night before your show and the second coat in the morning of your show. You can also apply tan yourself (I use ProTan Overnight Coat and Top Coat ) but it requires practice . Before your tan , remove (wax or shave) all your body hair. Do not tan your face ! If you are the first time competitor you need to keep mind and be very cautious with your "bathroom time" (peeing) once you have your show tan on , Most of the Bikini athletes use reusable "pee" cups or funnels to avoid staining their tan. Even the smallest drop will show on stage!

  • If you are staying at the hotel - remember to pack extra bed sheets since your tan may stain the hotel ones and you will get charged for that.

Before Show Tan
After Show Tan (ProTan)
AC Bikinis -Tan Protector

  • HAIR - In Bikini category you are being judged on your Hair ! Your hair should be down and evenly split to 3 parts (both sides and back ). This way you will show of your rear deltoids well but still keep your hair on your back . You can go with straight or light curls/waves . There is no need for any headpieces . You can either book your hair appointment at the place of your competition or you can choose to do your hair yourself (just practice beforehand to ensure it looks neat).

  • MAKEUP - You stage makeup is very important as well ! Your makeup needs to be contoured well and it needs to match your competition tan (3-6 shades darker than your natural color) . The style of this makeup should stand out because your judges are looking from afar . I recommend booking your makeup appointment if this is your first time . You can also do it yourself but I encourage you to research proper makeup techniques and practice !


Carrying a bag to the show venue or back stage can get tiring. There is a bigger chance of you messing up your tan if your bag keeps rubbing against your body. That is why I always like to pack my show day essentials for my shows into a little suitcase .

What to pack for the back stage ?

  • Food - make sure you have enough food for your Carb up and Water . You can also pack your Post Show treat.

  • Pump Up Bands - you will need them to pump up your upper body muscle to get more definition before your stage time.

  • Mirror- It is very helpful to have mirror backstage . Many competitors bring full size mirror to be able to see their physique at any time.

  • Makeup + Hair "stuff" - You should have your makeup bag with you to be able to fix your makeup if needed. Same applies for hair , Bring your Flat Iron , Hairspray and comb for your hair.

  • Headphones - It might helpful to have your headphones with you so you can relax backstage . Some shows run slow so you might end up backstage for few hours.

  • Phone Charger - Make sure you have your phone charged and your charger with you.

  • Tinkle Tan Protector - As I mentioned earlier, You need to be very careful during your "bathroom time" and protect your tan from any splashes !

  • Napkins , ProTan Mini Kit (optional) - I always like to bring a mini tanning kit with me, in case I would stain my tan. Most shows provide tan touchups backstage also.

  • Bikini Glue + Glaze - You should glue your Bikinis to your body, you don't want your bikinis to move on the stage. I use Bikini Bite glue . For the final glaze and shine I use spray called Show Shine , which prevents tan from looking dry .Most shows provide tan touchups with gluing and glazing also.

  • Blanket/Something to Lay On -If you end up being backstage for few hours , you will be happy to have something to lay on without destroying your tan.

  • Post Show Outfit - After your competition you will go out. Get your outfit ready .

I competed in 11 Bikini Competitions and I have always found these few items helpful and necessary !

I hope I could help you with sharing my experiences. I wish you a beautiful Bikini Competition experience ! Remember to take a lot of pictures , you will miss this day later :)

Comment Below If you have any questions or share your Feedback with me :) !

Bianka Ross (Body.By.Bibi. Coach)

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